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Transform Lives with Green Thumb Farm: Join Our Corporate Volunteering Program

Are you looking for a meaningful corporate volunteering opportunity for your team? Green Thumb Farm is excited to announce our Corporate Volunteering Program, where organisations can engage in hands-on activities that support our mission of inspiring people to grow and enjoy locally grown produce.

Our program offers a unique opportunity for teams to work together in the beautiful surroundings of our educational community farm in Samford Valley. Participants will have the chance to get their hands dirty while learning about sustainable farming practices, biodiversity, and the importance of locally sourced food.

By volunteering with Green Thumb Farm, your organisation can make a tangible difference in the community while promoting team-building and employee engagement. Our programs cater to groups of 12 - 30 people and can be tailored to suit your team's specific needs and interests.

Your Impact The impact of Green Thumb Farm extends far beyond individual visitors. Families, schools, and entire communities benefit from our initiatives. With your help, one small farm with a big mission can make a significant difference. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and community today. 
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Our Mission Green Thumb Farm is a community-driven social enterprise dedicated to reconnecting people with local food growing. Conveniently located only 35 minutes from the CBD of Brisbane, our farm offers children, schools, and families across the wider Brisbane area the chance to see how food is grown.
Visitors are inspired by the beauty of our farm and its produce, and they gain hands-on experience with composting, worm farms, and sustainable living practices. Our community nursery provides low-cost, commercial-quality seedlings to empower families and schools with the skills needed to grow their own food successfully.

Get Involved Our corporate volunteering program is helping to grow Green Thumb Farm as the most inspiring educational community farm possible.  

We have many jobs on the farm where we need extra hands to help. From building new garden beds, planting or harvesting, building a compost pile, mulching, weeding and helping in our community nursery. We offer a range of jobs on the day so your team members can choose an activity that suits their physical ability and preferences. 

Contact Us Today Ready to make a difference? Contact us to discuss how your team can contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future by helping to grow good at Green Thumb Farm.

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Corporate Volunteering Package:

Duration: 3.5 hours

Group size: We accommodate groups of a minimum of 12 and up to 50 people. 

Cost: $70/head. With delicious morning tea from Kakadu Organics showcasing native foods. 

Availability: We offer our corporate volunteering program on Thursdays and Fridays during school terms.


Your day of Impact:

9:00 AM: Arrive at the farm and be greeted by your host.

9:15 AM: Farm tour and safety briefing.

9:45 AM: Hands-on garden session 1.

10:45 AM: Morning tea provided in partnership with Kakadu Organics.

11:00 AM: Hands-on garden session 2.

12:00 PM: Time to down tools and pack up. Amazing effort!

12:10 PM: Q&A session and thank you.

12:30 PM: Wrap-up. Delicious, locally sourced lunch options available upon request.

Ready to Make a Real Difference?  

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