Farm Helper Volunteering

Our FARM HELPER SESSIONS are a great way to learn valuable skills in growing your own food. Each session is supervised by one of our Green Thumb Farm team. 


Community Farm Sessions

We invite you to join our free community farm sessions and enjoy being part of our growing community as we Grow, Learn & Share. 

We welcome people of all ages and abilities at Green Thumb Farm. You can be involved in a range of activities from planting, harvesting, seed raising, weeding, mulching, and general garden maintenance. People with disabilities are welcome to attend with their carers, and children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. 

Please consider making a commitment for at least 4- 6 weeks if this is possible as this helps us with our planning and time management as training people for just one session makes it hard on our end.  

You simply choose whether you will join our Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday Farm Helper program and click on the links below to register for free!  

Current Volunteer Farm Helper Opportunities 

(July 9th - September 13th)

Tuesday Mornings: 

9.30am -12pm

An active day at the Farm! We have lots happening, and many ways to volunteer including working in our nursery, planting, and weeding.


Wednesday Mornings:

9.30am -12pm

 We do a range of activities from general maintenance, planting and weeding. Plus, this is the day we invite homeschooling families to join our Farm Helper Program too!


Saturday Morning Session(s):

7am - 9am, and/or 9am - 12pm

A busy and fun day at the Farm! We start with harvesting, washing, then selling our beautiful produce at our FarmGate stall. Many different jobs to choose from. Lots of helping hands needed!


Other Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome applications from interested people who are keen to help Green Thumb Farm behind the scenes, for example - grant writing, social media, merchandise support, nursery development.