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About Us


Our Vision

Green Thumb Farm envisions a future where families feel empowered to make healthy food choices, actively supporting and valuing local, seasonal food, and confident with the know-how to grow some of their own food at home and in schools. 

What We Do

Green Thumb Farm is a community led social enterprise, located in the picturesque Samford Valley, just 35 mins from the CBD of Brisbane.  We are an educational community farm practising regenerative organic small scale farming, and we are advocates for supporting locally grown food.  We offer  community programs for families, school groups, adults and special needs groups, to visit and get involved in the farm.  We offer sustainable living workshops, corporate volunteering opportunities, and a community nursery.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to deepen the connection between families and their food, with a special focus on children. We want our younger generation to experience the joy of getting their hands dirty, better understand where their food comes from, and acquire an appreciation for seasonal local food.

Our Why

Our journey is driven by passion, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing better health outcomes for people and a healthier eco-system for the planet. 

The Need For Change

Did you know that only 3.5% of Australian children eat the recommended amount of vegetables each week? Most supermarket produce is farmed in large scale monoculture farms and trucked long distances. Children and adults alike encounter food as packaged items in supermarkets, available year-round but often at a high cost to both families and the environment.

With two in three adults and one in four children living with overweight and obesity, and the associated burden of chronic disease, the cost to Queensland’s health system is $756 million per year, and $11.8 billion nationwide.  The programs we run at Green Thumb Farm not only improve health outcomes, and reduce climate impacts, but in the process we reduce the economic burden of chronic disease for all Australians. 

Our Solution

Research shows that children who have the opportunity to touch, smell, and taste fresh vegetables early on are more likely to make healthier food choices as adults.  When school children, families and adults from right across SEQ visit Green Thumb Farm, they get hands on experiences of organic farming, composting, and sustainable agriculture that can change their trajectory for life.  

Green Thumb Farm offers an innovative approach to addressing the increasing burden of chronic disease in Australia through an educational community farm model that can be replicated in other parts of the country, including in our most vulnerable communities.